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Shree Nath Life Sciences is a prominent manufacturer of Intermediates and fine chemicals. Our products are valued for their purity, and competitive prices.

Our intermediates are manufactured using the highest quality raw materials, which are properly tested to ensure the unprecedented quality of products. We have dedicated amenities and equipment for every product. Our range of intermediates and fine chemicals include:

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Intermediates & fine chemicals​

Product Range

1-Acetoxy Ethyl Bromide (1-AEB)

Molecular Formula: CH3COOCHBrCH3
Molecular Weight: 167.0012
CAS No.: 40258-78-4

Para-Nitro Benzyl Bromide (PNBBR)

Molecular Formula: C7H6BrNO2
Molecular Weight: 216.04
CAS No.: 100-11-8


Para-Nitro Benzyl Alcohol (PNBA)

Molecular Formula: C7H7NO3
Molecular Weight: 153.14
CAS No.: 619-73-8


Para-Nitro Benzaldehyde (PNBD)

Molecular Formula: C7H5NO3
Molecular Weight: 151.12
CAS No.: 555-16-8

Para Nitro Benzoic Acid

Molecular Formula: C7H5NO4
Molecular Weight: 167.12
CAS No.: 62-23-7

1 DI

1-(Dibromomethyl)-4-Nitro Benzene (Dibromo)

Molecular Formula: C7H5Br2NO2
Molecular Weight: 294.93
CAS No.: 619-75-0

Sodium Bromide

Molecular Formula: NaBr
Molecular Weight: 102.89
CAS No.: 7647-15-6

Potassium Bromide

Potassium Bromide

Molecular Formula: KBr
Molecular Weight: 119.002
CAS No.: 7758-02-03


Calcium Bromide

Molecular Formula: CaBr2
Molecular Weight: 199.89
CAS No.: 7789-48-2


Zinc Bromide

Molecular Formula: ZnBr2
Molecular Weight: 225.198
CAS No.: 7699-45-8


Magnesium Bromide

Molecular Formula: MgBr2
Molecular Weight: 184.113
CAS No.: 7789-48-2


2-Mercapto Benzo Thiazole (MBT)

Molecular Formula: C7H5NS2
Molecular Weight: 167.25
CAS No.: 149-30-4

Hydro Bromic Acid 48% (HBR)

Molecular Formula: HBr
Molecular Weight: 80.91
CAS No.: 10035-10-6

4-Bromomethly 2 cyanobiphenyl


Molecular Formula: C14H10BrN
Molecular Weight: 272.14
CAS No.: 114772-54-2

2,4,6, Tribromophenol

2,4,6- Tribromophenol

Molecular Formula: C6H3Br3O
Molecular Weight: 330.80
CAS No.: 118-79-6

Napthalene 1,2,3,4- Tetrabromo

Naphthalene, 1,2,3,4-Tetrabromo-5,6,7,8-Tetrahydro

Molecular Formula: C10H8Br4
Molecular Weight: 447.78
CAS No.: 19922-78-2

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